Introduction & Description

The VEROULTRA-Slim is the most professional and powerful Facial and Body care system with Integrated 6 advanced technologies and Innovative 5th generation cavitation technology.



Ultrasonic cavitation with Vacuum RF facial and  Body care System is one of the most professional and powerful aesthetic machine in the market combining 6 advanced technologies in one single system. It provides complete and advanced facial and body care treatment such as fat reduction, body shaping, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, facial rejuvenation etc. It adopts 5th generation cavitation technology which provide comfortable and effective treatment with low noise. The advanced mutli-polar RF with Vacuum Body applicator is greatly effective for lymphatic drainage, skin tightening and lifting. The VeroUltraSlim system is specially designed to provide accurate and effective treatment for all professional aestheticians and beauticians. 

Cavitation + Multi-polar RF + Vacuum with Integrated Bipolar RF and Vacuum facial applicator 

  • RF Auto-detection safety system. 
  • Low cavitation noise, stable energy output. 
  • Effective, efficient, non-surgical fat reduction.
  • Painless, comfortable, no downtime  
  • Measurable result after just one treatment 
  • High quality steel case
  • Luxury and compact design.
  1. Safe, effective, non-invasive and no downtime
  2. Reliable and resistant with true ultrasonic cavitation technology
  3. One system with 6 technologies
  4. Easy to operate, painless fat removal
  5. Precise energy control offering more choice for treatment.
  6. Cellulite reduction
  7. Body contouring and shaping
  8. Deep fat blasting
  9. Skin tightening and lifting
  10. Lymphatic drainage
  11. General reduction of waist, abdomen & buttock
  12. Body shaping and slimming
  13. Promote metabolism and lymphatic drainage
  14. Collagen stimulation and generation;    
  15. Face lift and eye wrinkle care

Additional Features

5th generation Cavitation applicator with Elos technology: Cavitation+ Multi-polar RF+Vacuum
The 5th generation cavitation technology using integrated ultrasonic transducer, which generates highly stable ultrasonic frequency with low noise. The 5th generation transducer has longer service life than other cavitation transducers. It is more durable and stable. 

Adopting advanced Elos technology, the innovative cavitation applicator also combines Vacuum suction and Multi-polar RF technology, which output energy of cavitation, Vaccum and RF simultaneously. The Vacuum suction helps the RF energy penetrate deeply inside skin and cavitation energy reach areas with only fat tissues. The Elos technology maximum treatment result and shorter treatment time greatly.  It is more efficient and effective than traditional cavitation treatment method. 

Innovative Velashape Body Applicator: Vacuum + Motorized Roller+Bipolar RF 

The advanced Roller RF delivers thermal energy deep into dermal layer, and involves applying electromagnetic waves to return physiological processes. It offers effective treatment results in cellulite, body sculpting and collagen regeneration. Vacuum suction + Motorized roller  massage perform effective lymphatic draining to increase the elasticity and flexibility of the skin and 

gives you a great help in eliminating the toxins through the lymphatic system. 

The combined three technologies  provides significant improvements in overall cellulite appearance and skin condition with a long-lasting result.

Bipolar RF+ Vacuum Facial Applicator 

The Bipolar RF delivers thermal energy deep into derma layer by applying electromagnetic waves to return physiological process. The Bipolar RF also acts on superfacial and dermal layers at 5 to 10mm, accelerating metabolism in skin tissues. The design of facial applicator is to meet treatment need of face area and other small body areas. Combines with Vacuum suction, it maximum result of facial lift and skin tightening.



Functions & Applications


  1. Cellulite reduction
  2. Body contouring and shaping
  3. Deep fat blasting
  4. Skin tightening and lifting
  5. Lymphatic drainage
  6. General reduction of waist, abdomen & buttock
  7. Body shaping and slimming
  8. Promote metabolism and lymphatic drainage
  9. Collagen stimulation and generation;    
  10. Face lift and eye wrinkle care



  1. Power Supply:110V/220
  2. Display: 10 inch LCD Touch Screen
  3. Max Power Consumption: 800W
  4. Hand piece:1 piece of cavitation hand piece: Cavitation+ Multi-polar RF+Vacuum
  5. 1 piece of RF Body applicator: Bipolar RF + Vacuum + Mechancial roller
  6. 1 piece of RF facial applicator: Multi-polar RF +Vacuum + LED Photon
  7. Radio Frequency: 1MHz  
  8. RF power: 90W(Max)
  9. Negative Pressure:  -80KPa
  10. Vacuum Suction model: Pulsed/ Continuous. 
  11. LEDPhoton: 650nm
  12. Cavitation Frequency:35-45K Hz
  13. Cavitation power: 100W(Max)
  14. Roller speed: 0-50rpm
  15. Machine Size: 40cm×40cm×120cm
  16. Weight:48Kg