Introduction & Description


The VEROLASE uses special semiconductor laser with long Pulse-Width 808nm, can penetrate to hair follicle effectively. Using selective light absorption theory, laser can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair and then heating the hair shaft and hair follicle, moreover to destroy the hair follicle and oxygen organization around hair follicle. When laser outputs, system with special cooling technology, cool the skin and protect skin from being hurt and reach a very safe and comfortable treatment.



  1. Real Power : 120J/cm2 .
  2. Equipped with 05 bars - 600W laser gun (each bar =100W).
  3. Built-insapphire cooling system ensure skin temperature to -5~5 Co.
  4. High quality Diode laser generator(warranty for 10,000,000shots)  
  5. True Microchannel Multi-Bar Modules
  6. German Laser bar warrranty for 20,000hours.
  7. Large 11×18mm Sapphire sizemaking hair removal highly efficiency.
  8. Luxury design for high-end market.
  9. Ergonomically designed hand piecefor comfortable operation.

 Additional Features

  1. Built in water flow sensorto add to the perfectly maintained the water cooling system.
  2. Deionization resins to reduce electrical conductivity and sustain water purity - extended laser service life.

 Functions & Applications

Permanently remove unwanted hair on all parts of the body and for any hair colors on all six skin types.



  • Laser type: Diode laser 808
  • Laser wavelength: 808
  • Lightsource: 400ms continuous
  • Sapphire size: 20×12mm
  • Pulse width: 1~400ms
  • Repetition frequency: 1~10Hz
  • Energy Density: 1~120J/cm2
  • Power supply: AC220V±10%?50Hz; AC110V±10%?60Hz
  • Cooling System: High-power constant temperature water cooling + air cooling +sapphire contact cooling for laser head
  • Laser water temperature: 24Co ~ 26Co
  • Power: 1650W
  • Fuse specification: Max10A
  • Dimension: 45×45×100 (cm)
  • Weight:70 kg