Introduction & Description

The VEROXTREME accommodates Advanced Square Pulsed Light and AFT technology in the same cosmetic laser system. Square Pulsed Light technology allows low fluence treatment with high repetition rate - up to 8Hz. The VEROXTREME utilizes the invented technologies of AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) and the IN-Motion technology. It provides almost pain-free experience with super fast treatment.



-        Built with

SPL - Technology – Square Pulsed Light
            AFT - Technology - Alma
            OPT - Technology (Optimal Pulse Technology)
            EDLF - Technology: Equally distributed Low Fluence
            SFS - Technology for Super Fast Scanning: Repetition rate up to 8Hz.

-        No harmful UV light output.

-        Accurate & Safe energy delivery

-        Intelligent 3D cooling system – Crystal contact cooling is maintained during treatment

-        Medical Sapphire Crystal handle glass to ensure and enable the delivery efficient light

-        Equipped with two (02) hand pieces: HR + SR

-        Built with very high quality lamps to guarantee a minimum of 250,000 and a maximum of 290,000 flash times

-        Hand piece with built-in Flash Counter

-        Auto identified hand piece

-        Virtually Painless Treatment ensured by SPL technology

-        Considerably LESS treatment sessions (1-3 compared to 4-8)
4 X Faster and more efficient treatment: than other IPL systems

-        Skin I~V and blonde hair treatable

-        2000W Power Supply.

Additional Features

  1. EDLF technology (Equally Distributed Low Fluence):-
  2. SFS technology (Super Fast Scanning):-
  3. Skin tightening: skin lifting, improved flexibility and skin tone condition
  4. Skin rejuvenation: wrinkles reduction, depigmentation, removal of freckles and vascular lesions (telangiectasis), skin whitening, treatment of large pores.
  5. Hair removal : skin types I-V (except white hair)
  6. Acne removal: improve the situation of oily skin, kill acne bacilli.
  7. Pigmentation treatments: age spots, sun spots, freckle and pigmentation removal
  8. Vascular: red face, red nose, couperosis, spider veins

VEROXTREME delivers Equally Distributed Low Fluence (EDLF), which means that every pulse has uniform energy density across the entire output face. This fluence ensures repeatable results and remarkable safety. It yields a more efficient system for ideal clinical improvements, less discomfort and arguably no skin damage.

SFS technology enable super fast and more efficient treatment as the repetition rate reach up to 3Hz. It allows operators quickly scanning the treatment area which greatly reduce treatment time and achieve better result. The SFS technology enables continuous administration in a larger treatment area for increased comfort and fewer missed spots.




SPL: one piece of SR hand piece; One piece of HR hand piece 
SPL Fluence energy:  1~10J/cm2
SPL Wavelength(No UV light):    

Optical Guides

-        650-950nm for hair removal                                       (Default)

-        560-950nm for skin rejuvenation                                (Default)

-        480-950nm for acne removal                                     (Optional)

-        590-950nm for spider veins                                       (Optional)

-        530-950 for freckle and pigmentation                         (Optional). 

Repetition rate:

-        HR( 1-8Hz adjustable);

-        SR(1-2Hz adjustable)  

The System

1. Screen:  10.4inch Color Touch Screen

2. Light-guide crystal: Medical sapphire 

3. Spot size:  HR (10*50mm): SR (10*40mm)

4. Cooling system: Air cooling + Water cooling + Peltier cooling

5. Rust Proof Water Circle Design

6. Self Monitoring System : Water Flow / Water temperature / Water Level

7. Protection System: Water alert; Electricity leakage protection. 

8. Working status timer: 1s/3s/30s for HR, 1s/3s/10s for SR

9. Working time: Continuously over 24 hours

10. Capacitors: 4piece *1200μ f

11. Input Power: 2000W

12. Net weight: 50KG

13. Dimensions: 35cm×55cm×110cm