Introduction & Description

VeroVac uses the Vacuum Therapy suction technique; mechanical and non-invasive, which acts by suction action through the use of specialized equipment. The suction effect, and the intensity is controlled by the practitioner and equipment with the ability to dissolve fat localized fat progressively, by reaching epidermal level, stimulating blood circulation and the release of toxins.

This technique is now widely used to improve blood circulation, relieve congestion, eliminate cellulite, noticeably reduce localized fat giving firmness and suppleness to the skin and thus attributes significantly with therapeutic effects.

The vacuum therapy was originally used in 1970 to treat scars caused by burns, and later began to be used in the field of aesthetic contours to reduce, and improve the appearance of the skin. At present, the vacuum therapy has become a widely recognized and accepted alternative for medical and aesthetic treatments.



VeroVac is a digital machine developed with high technology, for the use of negative external body level combined with other manual pressure techniques, it offers a new alternative technique in medical and beauty treatments. The equipment has a system of continuous suction and performs constant suction producing a relaxing and soothing effect by combining two techniques: negative pressure (suction) and deep massage on the skin. Through the use of accessories that accompany VeroVac hand pieces, the practitioner can perform dynamic movements achieved visible results both on the shape and patient health.

One of the main advantages of VeroVac is its high precision intelligent system, which guides the user through the use of equipment by means of simple instructions, allowing to perform procedures easily and safely. The treatment of vacuum therapy applied with the VeroVac, offers important benefits for health care to be used for lymphatic drainage, and elimination of toxins through the lymphatic pathways, procedure necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

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It is proven through scientific research that Vacuum Therapy, through the combination of their different mechanisms of action, besides to stimulate blood flow, performs lymphatic drainage which results in direct stimulation to fibroblast, and thus an increase in collagen, and elastin improving the area treated in tone and texture. In addition to the therapeutic effect, the vacuum therapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment becoming an effective therapy to firm, lift and contour areas like face, neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, buttocks and legs.


Functions & Applications

  1. Make lymphatic drainage to its best performance for an anti-cellulite treatment.
  2. Promotes skin elasticity maintenance and superficial level.
  3. Produce exfoliation effect, de-clogging the sebaceous follicles and pores, turning softer skin.
  4. Facilitates skin mobilization, easing hardened and hypersensitive to touch, typical of fibrous cellulite territories.
  5. By mobilizing and decongestion of tissue, it acts as an important anti-aging method, delaying the natural evolution of the same.
  6. Prevents formation of fibrosis scars level.
  7. Contributes to the oxygenation and regeneration, improving skin quality.
  8. Improves vascularization around the stretch marks improving their appearance.
  9. In anti-cellulite treatments
  10. To favor breakage fibrosis
  11. Unlock tissues
  12. Stimulating blood circulation
  13. Fat Mobilization
  14. Activate metabolism of adipocytes
  15. In both cellulite and obesity, invigorates and restores normal elasticity of the skin, restoring its original appearance.
  16. In connective tissue disorders such as scars and stretch marks.
  17. For body contouring and complement passive exercise, heat therapy, mesotherapy, etc.



  • Voltage 110/230 VAC
  • Maximum current consumption 1A
  • Power 110W
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Press negative 15-20 inHg

The System
Microcontroller system with intelligent software

  1. LCD display with Back Light
  2. 10 protocols designed for treatments in specific areas
  3. Manual and automatic operation modes
  4. Practical silicone hose fittings practical
  5. Digital display of negative pressure on the screen.


  1. Power Cable
  2. Pedestal
  3. Cupping glasses kit
  4. Hose connection filter glasses.
  5. Fuse.
  6. Adjusting nuts tower pedestal.
  7. Accessory Holder
  8. The machine