Introduction & Description

The Advanced Electroporation Technology 

The VeroCryoMeso uses the no-needle mesotherapy system by Advanced Electroporation Technology AET.

AET to best secure transmission of substances through cell membrane holding certain amount of molecules (below 40,000 Dalton).

Electronic pulse manipulates (disturbs) phospholipids bilayer and it activates temporary enlarged skin pores.

Serums, drugs penetrate into internal cell through the activated skin pores. When electronic pulsing stops pores are closed, this is the principal of electroporation – AET

Electroporation does not change cellular & biological structures or functions and is used as a non-chemical mode of transmitting various substances into the living cells.

This is combined with:-Cryotherapy
A revolutionary non-invasive natural way to get rid of stubborn fat.
There is now a new technology that offers to freeze away the fat of obese people and help them lose weight. The treatment principle of Cryolipolysis is based on the scientific fact that Triglyceride will be solidified under 4°C, through the non-invasive headpiece to transmit the Cryo effect to the localized fat reducing part, the cooled fat cells begin a process called "apoptosis" and begin to shrink. 

These damaged fat cells are slowly digested over several months by the body and drained through the liver. This technology is highly effective and is practiced with positive consistent results for local areas of fat like love-handles or 'man-boobs', though larger areas of fat may require more invasive treatments.

No damage to other tissue types have been reported. According to clinical researches, Cryolipolysis can reduce the thickness of fat layer by 25% just within 2-4 months.


Advanced Electroporation Mesotherapy technology. 
Cryotherapy cool down to minus 10 centigrade. 
Hot therapy heat up to 50 centigrade. 
Touch screen operation. 
User-friendly software.

 Additional Features

In the VeroCryoMeso Cold & Hot Therapy takes place:

The hot therapy opens pores, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and eliminate toxins. The cold therapy reduces the temperature of skin rapidly, which repair and relieve the tension and repression. The cold and hot effect improves skin elasticity, gives instant firm skin, considerably reduces wrinkles, and of course removes toxins.


1, Beauty products and skin-effective drugs injection;
2, Collagen stimulation and generation;
3, Stubborn fat removal
4, Large pore shrinkage;
5, Skin Firmness, Restore Suppleness & Elasticity.




Power: 110V~120V/220V~240V

Mesotherapy: N mode and P mode

CryoTheray Temperature: Min~10 centigrade to 60 centigrade. 

Classification: (EN60601-1) Class 1. Type BF

Main Fuses: 2*T2A(5*20mm)

Size (height*width*depth): 560*390*450mm

Weight: 12kg